The Seed Flip – 3D Modeling and Prints

The Seed Flip – 3D Modeling and Prints

By In Projects On July 31, 2015

We were recently approached by a local Omaha inventor looking to design and prototype his product. Like most inventors the genesis of his product began when he recognized a problem and then started working on a solution.  The problem: discarded sunflower seed shells. Baseball fans are well known for chewing sunflower seeds, however all the sunflower seed shells can create a mess all over the stands and grounds. The mess of discarded shells would either stick around (unsanitary) or would take hours of work to clean up (expensive).

Using some ingenuity and creative thinking, he decided to tackle the problem by inventing a new solution. His invention, the Seed Flip, is a container designed to store and dispense fresh sunflower seeds as well as dispose of used shells in one easy-to-use container without compromising space. The container has a cap on either side, one for the fresh seeds and the other for the discarded shells.

He came to us with just a few ideas and a rough prototype he had been using personally at games. We were able to take what he had, create a quality 3D model, and print a prototype container for him in a matter of days. Using our CAD modeling software our engineers were able to create a clean 3D model incorporating all the features he was looking for, including a thread pattern to match the caps he had previously sourced.

Once he had the physical prototype in his hand, he quickly realized what changes he wanted to make on the next revision. In only one revision the end result was a stunning, professional prototype he knew would work for his needs and could also go straight to manufacturing.

The Seed Flip is now on target to launch a Kickstarter campaign August 1st in order to raise the funds needed to move it into production. We are very excited to have helped the Seed Flip move from a concept to a functional prototype that will be used for a full product launch.