Scanning Frankenstein’s Monster

Scanning Frankenstein’s Monster

By In Projects On December 3, 2015

3D printing is quickly becoming a great tool for replicating and improving great designs, as this scanning project demonstrates.

Recently, a trucker (and classic horror movie enthusiast) came to us with a sculpture of the head of Frankenstein’s monster. He originally got the intricate plaster piece by winning a giant costume contest, but he wanted to do more with his victory than just let it gather dust in his trophy case. He wanted a scale model of the head that he could proudly put on the hood of his truck and his shifter, so he could constantly remind his friends of their bitter defeat.

Using our laser scanner, we were able to create a high-quality 3D model of the sculpture. The scan was then modified through CAD software to get the look the client wanted, scaled to the appropriate size, and cut to mount directly to his truck. The result was a great looking 3D printed hood ornament.

But that’s not all! Now, the print’s on its way to get electroplated, which is going to make it stronger, more wear resistant, and (obviously) it’ll look amazing too!

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