Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

By In Services On May 28, 2015

The process of reverse engineering is to recreate a physical object without having the original plans or design. Reverse engineering has many widespread applications and can be especially useful for parts that are no longer in production.

  • Recreate out of production parts
  • Create 3D CAD files from an existing part
  • Modify or improve an existing part

Highly Accurate

Using our precision 3D scanner, reverse engineering software and our engineering expertise, our engineers can create high quality parametric CAD models of your part. Once the object has been completely re-engineered, we can easily alter the design, use the design to print a new part or give you the files for further modifications.

Going in Reverse

If you need to modify an existing part or recreate a vintage, broken or out of production part, let our engineers help you through the process of reverse engineering. Contact us today to see how our reverse engineering services can help you.

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