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Recent Projects

3D Printed Architectural Model or The Real Thing?

Our client for this project is a national cabinetry manufacturer who was meeting with one of their largest customers to reveal their latest product line. They wanted to do something different. They wanted to stand out. They wanted to make an[...]

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3D Printed Custom Car Parts — Ignition and Charger Port Grommets

For this project we were approached by a gentleman that was doing some automotive restoration work. These particular parts are for a 2002 Mercury Cougar that he was restoring and modifying, but he was changing the interior to a vivid candy apple red[...]

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Little Boots

Don’t let the lighthearted name fool you–this was a serious project for an internationally known miniature model artist. This particular client makes exceptionally accurate, 1/6th size figures of movie characters that are sold to collectors around the world. His current[...]

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Door Frame Mounting Insert

This project had two bottom line goals–increase installation efficiency and therefore reduce costs. A manufacturer and installer of custom commercial aluminum doors came to us to see if we could help them. Their issue was that there was an open space[...]

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Replacement Gear

This project displays the value we can add to any company by means of cost savings and reduced down time. It also showcases both our 3D printing and 3D engineering capabilities. While the gear seen in the photograph is small,[...]

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3D Printed Custom Light Fixture

This project really encompasses the limitless, creative applications that we are able to accomplish here at the 3D KuL Factory. The genesis of this project was when our owner Curt Brannon saw these awesome vintage milk jugs during some of[...]

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