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Recent Projects

Historical Violin Scan

This project was brought to us by a local violin maker who has the foresight to blend his time intensive, very skilled, old school techniques with new technologies. The purpose of this project for this particular small business owner is two fold.[...]

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3D Electronic Game Caller Prototype

For this project we were approached by one of the owners/proprietors of Pocket Prey E-Callers. This is a Lincoln based company that specializes in everything hunting, but more specifically, has the best electronic game caller on the market. They had come up[...]

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3D Printed Electric Window Gear

As more and more companies become aware of our ability to free them of constraints, more and more are beginning to take advantage. This project was brought to us by an installation and maintenance company that provides multiple areas of service,[...]

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KuL 3D Prints Iron Man Arm Donated by Robert Downey Jr.

When we received a request from a national marketing firm to print a prosthetic Iron Man Arm on short notice, the immediate reaction was that it was another comic book fanatic, another movie zealot. We didn’t know if we could[...]

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Into Digital – Aftermarket Fender 3D Scan

This project was for a gentleman who has started a company, Anointed Aero, that sells high quality aftermarket body panels. This particular fender is for an Acura RSX (2002 to 2006 models) and was designed and hand sculpted by the proprietors of[...]

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3D Printed Employee of the Year Trophies

The headline for this project may not accurately reflect all that it encompassed and how challenging, fun, and rewarding it really was! A more accurate (and regretfully too long) headline for this project would be: “Super miniature, inside-reference part modeled and[...]

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3D Prosthetic Hands – Cyborg Beast Prints

One of our closest clients is Dr. Jorge Zuniga of Creighton University, a world leader in creating 3D printable prosthetics for children. His design, the Cyborg Beast, is revolutionizing how prosthetics are viewed across the globe. His mission is make[...]

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3D Printed Car Parts – Custom Dial Cluster

After our success with our custom 3D printed translucent grommets, our client gave us a much larger and more difficult project–to recreate his dial cluster. For those who have not read our earlier post regarding the custom grommets, our client[...]

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Joslyn Art Museum 3D Printed Native Beads

Partnering our 3D design and printing company with Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha’s premier art gallery and museum, was both an exhilarating opportunity and a real challenge. The goal for this project was to print oversized ‘beads’ that would end up[...]

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