Memorializing Through 3D Scanning

Memorializing Through 3D Scanning

By In Projects On May 10, 2016

We had the recent honor of helping a local family memorialize their son, Ethan, who had recently passed away after battling cancer. Jose and Jennifer Ratunil came to us with a mold of their son’s hand and foot and wanted us to scan the molds and print replicas in case something were to happen to the molds. There was also some damage to the molds during the removal process which they wanted to see if we could repair in the 3D model.

While the scan itself wasn’t particularly challenging, we wanted to take extra care to capture every detail. In order to capture as much as possible, we had to take scans of the hand from a number of angles and then stitch the scans together. After carefully scanning the molds we were able to get them back into the hands of the family the same day so they could hold onto them.

The next step was to correct the damage that was done to the molds. The repair couldn’t lose any of the detail and had to look as natural as possible. We used some sculpting software to meticulously rebuild the broken fingertips on the hand and repair a couple sections of the foot and the result turned out better than expected

In order to capture as much of that detail as possible in the 3D print, the replicas were printed at the highest resolution on our SLA resin printer with the prints hollowed out to save on material. Along with the print the 3D files were copied onto a Superman USB drive, which they provided, so they can easily print the replicas again if needed. After cleaning the prints, we were able to give the Ratunil family a perfect replica of Ethan’s hand and foot that they’ll be able to treasure forever.

According to his obituary, Ethan enjoyed being outdoors, playing ball, watching the movie “Cars” and the cartoon “Doozers.” He loved monster trucks and dogs and his favorite food was Spam and rice. Ethan loved being surrounded by his family.

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