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Learn About 3D Printing

What is Stereolithography?

Stereolithography is one of three major types of 3D printing — Fused Deposition Modelling [FDM], Selective Laser Sintering [SLS] and Stereolithography [SLA]   How it works: SLA is different from the other two major additive manufacturing processes because it employs[...]

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What is FDM 3D Printing?

First things first–what is FDM and what does it stand for? FDM stands for ‘Fused Deposition Modeling’ and it is the most common form of 3D printing to date. The FDM technology of 3D printing works by using a plastic[...]

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What is 3D Printing?

You are here on ourĀ 3D printing site so you obviously have interest in the subject. But like 99% of people you are probably still asking that simple, valid question: What is 3D printing? Not only is this not a dumb[...]

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