3D Printed Holiday Decor

3D Printed Holiday Decor

By In Projects On November 30, 2015

3D printing allows anyone to express a greater level of creativity than ever before, and what better time to exercise that creativity than the holidays?

By working with a local sculptor, we were able to bring classic artisanal Christmas cheer into mass-production. Using our precision laser 3D scanner, we made a 3D model of a small, hand-sculpted angel wing. From there, we were able to increase the scale of the model to life-size and optimize the geometry for CNC machining.

Now, the 3D model of the wing is being used to make life-sized wooden reproductions of the tiny original. They’ll be placed┬ánext to a fireplace near you this holiday season, and all thanks to the miracles of 3D scanning and reverse engineering.

Happy holidays!