3D Design

3D Design

By In Services On May 27, 2015

Many times the missing link in a project is simply experience. Our skilled 3D designers can fill that void. Don’t have a digital file but have some nice sketches? We can take your ideas and turn them into quality, detailed CAD or STL files and work with you to get the end result that you are looking for.

  • 3D CAD Software Expertise
  • Multiple Software Platforms
  • Highly Accurate, Dimensioned Models
  • Realistic, Lifelike Rendering

Open Minds

Our designers will listen to your input and work towards your goals–not talk down to you or tell you that, “this won’t work.” One of our core beliefs at Sympateco (our parent company) is collaboration and our engineers will do just that until your vision is achieved. Rapid prototypes, product design or inventions–we will turn your ideas into working, functional pieces.

Multiple Software Platforms

Our designers are not one trick ponies–a shortfall of many other companies who are married to a single platform. Our 3D designers are well versed in a wide variety of software packages allowing us to use the subtle strengths of each to help an individual project maximize its potential. Contact us today to see if our designers can help turn your ideas into reality.

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